14 September 2009

CJE Global Financial Crisis

The Cambridge Journal of Economics is offering free online access to its July issue, valid till 16th October. The list of articles reads quite like a CAPORDE lecture schedule, some of them are as follows:

Stephanie Blankenburg and José Gabriel Palma Introduction: the global financial crisis 
Robert Wade  From global imbalances to global reorganisations 
James Crotty  Structural causes of the global financial crisis: a critical assessment of the ‘new financial architecture’ 
Jamie Morgan  The limits of central bank policy: economic crisis and the challenge of effective solutions 
Fiona Tregenna  The fat years: the structure and profitability of the US banking sector in the pre-crisis period 
Roberto Frenkel and Martin Rapetti A developing country view of the current global crisis: what should not be forgotten and what should be done 
José Antonio Ocampo Latin America and the global financial crisis 
 Axel Leijonhufvud
Out of the corridor: Keynes and the crisis 
Tony Lawson
The current economic crisis: its nature and the course of academic economics
Carlota Perez The double bubble at the turn of the century: technological roots and structural implications 
L. Randall Wray The rise and fall of money manager capitalism: a Minskian approach 

P.S. Thanks to Marek for flagging this.

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