13 July 2011

Interoperability for financial inclusion

My article on interoperability in today's Hindu Business Line makes the point:
'Both banks and MNOs need to recognise that financial inclusion can be a win-win situation and learn to work together in an environment that is co-operative and competitive. While there will be stumbling blocks along the way, with regulators and governments across the developing world bent on achieving financial inclusion, such a scenario of what is termed ‘co-option' is not as improbable as it sounds' 

The point that telcos need to cooperate has been stressed in a speech by RBI Dy Gov  KC Chakrabarty 
'as regards MSPs (mobile service providers) acting as BCs reports reaching us still suggest that the true spirit of co operation is yet to stabilise with each still trying to destabilise the other. The entire world is looking at this experiment in India and I would urge all of you to get your acts together.'

Anecdotal evidence actually shows that the RBI was making the point rather mildly! Can telcos learn to share the space and infrastructure or will they have to be made to do so?

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